Each year, the Catholic Education Office announces the official enrolment period for its schools. For 2019 enrolments, this will be Monday 4 May to Friday 25 May. Parents wishing to enrol their children at this school should obtain an enrolment form (they are available from the school or at any CEO primary school in Canberra) and forward it to the school within the above period. Here is a checklist of what is required for enrolment:

Please understand that an application will NOT BE PROCESSED without this documentation.

In addition (if appropriate):

At the end of the enrolment period, all applications will be considered and the Principal will make offers of places to as many children as possible.

Enrolment forms can be found on the Catholic Education Office website.  Click the images below to go straight to the files.

 Click on enrolment icon to access the enrolment forms.          


 2019 Information Pack