Religious Education

St Clare of Assisi follows the Archdiocesan Religious Education Curriculum, Treasures New and Old. The charism of St Clare permeates all aspects of life at our school, including the values of faith, respect, care, understanding and hope. We achieve our mission by ensuring each student is welcome, safe, nurtured and encouraged to do their personal best and is recognised as a valuable member of the school community. We expect that the adult members of our community also strive to support and actually uphold the Catholic values of the school and parish. Panel members of our recent external school registration process noted: "The explicit Catholic identity the school fosters through regular meaningful prayer, liturgies, staff faith formation experiences, and the religious symbols displayed throughout the school."


St Clare of Assisi school works closely in partnership with local Catholic schools and the Corpus Christi Parish. This extends to sharing the preparation and celebration of sacramental programs, and developing a wide range of experiences for staff spirituality, meditation, prayer and masses.