Defence School Mentor Program

Defence School Mentor Program

Supporting Defence Students and Families

Here at St Clare of Assisi, our Defence School Mentor (DSM) works closely with children whose parents are serving members of the Australian Defence Force.

The purpose of the DSM role is to provide ongoing wellbeing support to Defence children by liaising with families, teaching staff and our student wellbeing team to recognise and assist with challenges commonly experienced by Defence families.

This may include:

  • Assisting new children and their families to integrate into the school and local community,
  • Monitoring the social and emotional wellbeing of Defence students,
  • Assisting students to develop self-confidence, self-reliance and resilience,
  • Referring students to services, or school and community programs that meet their needs,
  • Enhancing awareness and appreciation of the unique Defence lifestyle in schools and communities,
  • and Providing support to children during times of parental absence.

 We look forward to welcoming your Defence child to SCA.

Defence School Mentor

St Clare of Assisi Primary School