Meet our Staff

Leadership Team
Principal Matt Egan-Richards
Assistant Principal Val Ciuffetelli
Religious Education Coordinator Karen Haines
Coordinator Jo Thomson
Coordinator Belinda Breen
Front Office Staff
Administration Officer Karen Snowball
Finance Officer Jo McCarthy
OSHC Finance Officer Annette Galvin
Defence School Mentor Kate Blenkin
Counsellor Ima 
Kinder Blue  Susan Strickland and Katherine Austin
Kinder Green Cheyenne Stephenson
Kinder Red Holly Barron
Year 1 Blue Karen Haines and Bridgette Sutcliffe
Year 1 Green Luke Brown/Leanne Lowe
Year 1 Red Jessica Curtis/Leanne Lowe
Year 2 Blue Kayla Murray and Maria Singleton
Year 2 Green Belinda Breen and Maria Singleton
Year 2 Red Andrew Aifantis
Year 3 Blue Emma Currey
Year 3 Green Ben Sweeney
Yearr 3 Red Kate Warren
Year 3 Yellow Deanne D'Ambrosio and Jo Thomson
Year 4 Blue Jordy Swain
Year 4 Green Hannah Dewey
Year 4 Red Priscilla Caragh
Year 5 Blue Mike Stoelinga
Year 5 Green Emma Currey
Year 5 Red Brooke Coles
Year 5 Yellow Kerrie-anne Ramirez
Year 6 Blue Kristy Everding and Claire Walsh
Year 6 Green Joseph McGrath and Claire Walsh
Year 6 Red  Bianca Breen and Claire Walsh
Year 6 Yellow Laura Adams and Claire Walsh
Indonesian Teacher Margo Smith
Music Teacher Helen Hamilton
Library Team
Teacher Librarian Katherine Austin
Library Technician Robyn Jolly
Learning Support
Classroom Support Teacher Tracy Mowlam
Classroom Assistants Cathy Breen, Helen Philippa, Kate Blenkin, Pax Lehmensich 
Literacy Support Teacher  Margo Smith
Numeracy Support Teacher Anne McNicol
Maintenance Manager Ray Green
Canteen Manager Michelle Wood