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July 1 Newsletter

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June 24 Newsletter

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June 17 Newsletter

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Urgent - Changed After School Pick-Up Arrangements from 17 June

Dear SCA Families,

A letter outlining changed pickup arrangements is attached. Please read carefully as these arrangements will commence on Wednesday 17June.

Please take particular note of the following changes:

  • Between 2.50 and 3.00pm, only children in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 will be waiting for collection. (Their older siblings from other Year levels will also be with them.)
    Carers coming for children in Years 3 – 6 arriving before 3.00pm will be asked to move on, drive around the block and re-join the back of the line.
  • From 3.00pm, children in Years 3-6, and any remaining younger children may be picked up.


Matt Egan-Richards

June 10 Newsletter

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Acting Assistant Principal and Acting Religious Education Coodinator

Dear SCA Families,

This quick note is to inform you of some temporary changes to the leadership team at St Clare of Assisi for the next two weeks.

Our Assistant Principal, Ms Val Ciuffetelli, will be on leave for Weeks 7 and 8. While she is away, the following arrangements will be in place:

  • Acting Assistant Principal                      - Mrs Karen Haines
  • Acting Religious Education Coordinator  - Mrs Kristy Everding
  • Coordinator                                         - Mrs Belinda Breen
  • Coordinator                                         - Mr Jeremy Stevens

This will necessitate some changes to the teaching arrangements for 1 Blue and 6 Blue. Notes outlining these changes will be sent to parents of Year 1 and Year 6.

The usual arrangements should recommence on Monday 22nd June (Week 9).

I congratulate and thank Karen and Kristy for stepping up to take on these extra responsibilities.

Best wishes,

Matt Egan-Richards


June 2 Newsletter

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Friday Reminders

Dear SCA Families,

The month of May ends this weekend, and on Tuesday all students should be returning to school. I am aware of a handful of children who, for medical reasons, will not be returning. If your child will not be here next week, please ensure you have spoken directly with their teacher.

Afternoon Pick-Up

A couple of reminders:

  • Drive to the front of the pick-up zone, even if there are no other cars.
  • Stay in your vehicle.
  • Encourage the children to enter and sit quickly.
  • Turn left when leaving the carpark.
  • If collecting your child at the Donut gate after having parked your vehicle, please maintain an appropriate physical distance from adults and children.
    Please stand well clear of the gate (preferably near the Hall wall) to enable all children to safely leave.


The Tuckshop will re-open on Tuesday 2nd June (Week 6) for lunch orders. There will be no over-the-counter sales until further notice.

Enjoy the long weekend. Take care and go gently.

Matt Egan-Richards


May 27 Newsletter

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Principal Reflections on Return to School

Dear SCA Families,

At the end of the first week in which we have had most of our students in the classroom, I wish to make a few brief reflections.

Firstly, it has been such a blessing to spend time in our classrooms and on the playground, hearing the talk and laughter of our students. The challenges for our kids are no less real than they have been for us adults during this time of incredible change and uncertainty. It has buoyed my spirits to see the children responding so positively to their return to school, and the way in which those still at home have remained engaged. I am sure the lessons they have learned, in resiliency, responsibility, independence and organisation, will only benefit them as learners and people. I am proud of them, and am excited about the positive things to come in the rest of this year.

I am grateful to our parents and carers. The partnership between home and school has never been stronger, and it needs to be for our children. We have all been asked to lead our lives in unfamiliar and uncomfortable ways. I am impressed at how well our SCA parents kept our children engaged and learning over the past 8 weeks. We congratulate you and thank you for working with us in this endeavour. We are really looking forward to when we can again have parents, carers and grandparents physically present in our family school.

Please indulge me as I congratulate and praise our staff. During the remote learning period, one of our teachers said that she had never felt so bad about teaching. Though she put everything into planning learning activities and Teams Meetings with her students, it just wasn’t what she “signed up for”. (Ironically, it has been a time when we have received more thanks and support from parents than ever before.) This week, though, with the kids back, it’s not just the classrooms that are happy; it’s the staff room, too.

Though most children are back, and we are teaching face-to-face, we are still supporting about 10% of our students at home. This, along with working hard to ensure everyone catches up on what may have been missed, means our staff are working harder than ever. I thank them for the work and the incredibly effective way in which they have kept our students learning. They richly deserve the thanks they have received from so many parents.

There is still a great deal of work ahead of us. We will continue to respond to changing guidelines, while looking to ensure our students are safe, happy and learning. I am proud to be a part of this fantastic SCA family, and I thank you for the part you play in our community.

Take care and go gently.

Be the light.

Matt Egan-Richards